Club 31 Welcomes New Members

Bart Allen
Associate Broker
Tributary Real Estate​​​​​​​

Date Joined: 12/14/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Shannon Stone

Bart Boranian Allen was born and raised in Fresno, CA and went out to the desert to attend the University of Arizona. After understanding his passion for real estate during his time in Arizona, Bart earned his master’s degree in Real Estate and The Built Environment from the University of Denver.

With a passion for philanthropy and community building, Bart is a board member for the Society of Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenians. He also serves as a buddy mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2019 and is on the membership committee for Mile High Young Professionals. Bart’s mother has been a part of rotary for 25+ years and he is very excited to continue his mother’s legacy!

In his spare time, Bart enjoys traveling, water skiing, and scuba diving.



Ryan Fila
Heart Led Media

Date Joined: 12/14/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Harriet Downer

Ryan is a photographer/videographer by trade and storyteller by passion. He loves galivanting the globe – experiencing the spectrum of life! Ryan’s documented Paris Fashion Week, war in Ukraine, and earthquakes in Haiti – but he’s also found joy in the safaris in Kenya and community in the Peruvian Andes.  His desire to explore is almost insatiable, but Denver is his grounding place. Ryan was born in Littleton, and much of his family still lives in this state.  Since Colorado has become as much of home as he’s ever known Ryan’s chosen to set up a media company focused on event photo/video & social media management.

Lover. Athlete. Confused. Mornings. Decaf. Average. Brother. Dynamic. Doer. Present. Imperfect. Creator. Process. Vegetarian. Living.

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Woohoomanity Challenge Report

Our Major Fundraiser – Woohoomanity was held on September 24th.  Thanks to the generosity of our Club 31 Members, non-Members and individual Fundraisers, the event raised $30,000 with only 6% going to expenses.  Seventy Five percent of the funds go to the Denver Rotary Club Foundation.  The remaining 25% of the funds will be donated to Ukraine Relief and Marshall Fire Relief.  Six Club 31 bicycle riders participated in the event completing routes from 25 up to 100 miles.  Club 31 had 65 members donating to support the event plus our fundraising members gathered donations from 47 friends and family donors locally and across the country.  In addition, Club 31 had 21 volunteers to help staff the Rotary Hospitality Tent, Merchandise Sales, Course Marshals and the Lookout Mountain Aid Station.

The Lookout Mountain Aid Station pictured above was 100% staffed by Club 31 members and provided water, nutrition, great music and unparalleled Club 31 hospitality to over 400 riders who navigated the most challenging 100 mile course.   Our honorary Co-Chairs, Rotary CEO John Hewko and his wife Marga traveled to Colorado to join the festivities and rode 85 and 50 miles respectively.

WooHoo was filled with fun and fellowship amid a perfect Colorado fall day.  The DRCF sincerely thanks all who Donated, Volunteered, Fundraised and Rode their bicycles.  The net result furthers our Rotary mission “to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders”.  Congratulations Club 31 – We All WooHoo!

2022 Peach Sale Report

Each and every year brings new experiences and new challenges to our very special Rotary Peach Sale.  I’ve heard tales of drilling open locked delivery trucks.  I’ve personally witnessed dozens of cars piling up nearly to Colorado Boulevard full of anxious Peach aficionados.  We’ve run a little short some years, and absolutely run a little long, but NEVER and I mean NEVER have we ALL had to come together like we did on August 13, 2022!

I was tremendously proud to be a part of this year’s event and to see this Club persevere with smiles, hugs, slaps on sore backs when not only did our forklift seize up on us, but the pallet mover responsible for bringing pallets from the back of the semi-trailer to the front also collapsed.  Your AMAZING peach volunteers said, “Let’s Do This!” and hopped into the trailer and like sandbags for a flooding river, they formed chains and passed over 1,400 boxes of peaches one by one to outstretched arms waiting to re-stack them only to then be placed gingerly into the back of everyone’s cars without them ever knowing.  It was a monumental task with the pouring sweat, grunts, sighs, and aches being drowned out by cheering, singing, laughing and an occasional panic filled shout from yours truly! 😊  The Club came together like I’ve never had the privilege of seeing before.  It was inspiring and a true testament to the character exhibited by this amazing group of people!

Now that the dust has settled and an occasional spilled peach has been collected, dusted off and sent to an awaiting pie pan, it’s time to celebrate the numbers and people responsible for such an incredible event.


Total Number of Peaches Sold:  1,630 Boxes
Total Number of Jams Sold: 116 Set
Grand Total Net Funds Raised:  $28,217  The second record breaking year in a row!
These funds will be split evenly to your Denver Rotary Club Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.


Your top Sellers this year were as follows:

  1. Chuck Everill: 129
    An absolutely astounding feet making him our reining Peach King for the Second Year in a row!
  2. Bryan Guice: 76
  3. Melly Kinnard: 43
  4. Kevin Shelledy: 41
  5. Jim Wilkins: 34
  6. Harry Ellison: 31
  7. Don Kane: 28
  8. Virgil Scott: 24
  9. Charlie Miller: 22
  10. (Tie) Alison Oyler-Mitsch & Jim White: 19 boxes each

To all of you who purchased peaches and helped sell peaches to friends and family, a sincere and heartfelt thank you from the Peach Committee.  To Shannon Stone and Earl Wright who once again hosted an incredible Peaches and Prosecco evening at the AMG Event Space we also thank you!  To Melly Kinnard for her amazing efforts connecting the Junior League to Rotary, another Thank You!  And to the dedicated Peach Committee who worked on this event ALL YEAR LONG, your efforts are appreciated, your work ethic was exemplary and your commitment to this Club and this event were lovely, generous, hilarious and genuine.  I loved being on this committee with you, learning from you and succeeding as we all did.

I would like to end this little blurb with a challenge to all Club 31 members.  It’s time for new blood on the Peach Committee.  It’s time for you all to take this event to a new level.  This cannot begin in 2023.  It needs to start now!  Grab your fellow colleagues brimming with ideas, wishes and aspirations and start planning 2023’s Peach Sale.  August will be here before you know it and we look to the next generation to take the event even further than we have in 2022.

One final word of advice however…I’d highly recommend two forklifts.  Just in case!

Your Peachy Chair,
Kevin Shelledy
Peach Sale Chair 2022-23

Club 31 Welcomes New Member


Rebecca Gonzales
Director of Community Relations
Morningstar Senior Living

Date Joined: 9/25/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard, Seth Patterson & Kris Hemenway

Growing up, there were two committed passions in my family, one was the game of soccer and the other was being of service to others. I credit both my parents for instilling in me the importance of standing up for what is right and helping someone who is down on their luck.

I grew up on the soccer fields of Colorado, as the middle child just 18 months apart from an older and younger brother, I don’t think there was a day of the week that didn’t have us engaged in some sort of soccer activity.  Sometimes I joke and say, “I must have been born wearing soccer cleats”! The truth is, I was born on Thanksgiving Day 1974 in the middle of a Broncos game, which turned out to be an away game victory over the Detroit Lions, 31 to 27.  The story always I was the real “Turkey Day Win” that day.

My father, a Vietnam veteran, spent most of his time involved in youth soccer, beginning his lifelong passion for volunteering as a coach, then moving his way up to becoming the President of the Colorado State Youth Soccer Association and then going on to work (again volunteering) for the United States Youth Soccer Association. My family’s involvement with soccer not only taught us how to kick a ball and score goals, but the importance of teamwork and dedication.   The ability to see beyond social, economic and even language barriers, it brought about opportunities to travel, experience other cultures, and a nurtured a genuine respect for commitment, community, and comradery.

My mother was the kind-hearted soul who opened our doors to anyone in need. At the age of 15 my parents became foster parents for Jefferson County Social Services. Our home became a “receiving home” to children in crisis, typically coming from an environment of chaos, disarray, neglect and abuse. Our home was licensed to hold up to eight children at a time, we were the entry point into an all too often long and winding road for children entering the social services care system. Compassion and understanding, along with lots of love, were a required belief in our home. Our family provided stability and balance to hundreds of children over the next 15 years.

A Colorado Native, I attended Leawood Elementary, Ken Caryl Middle School, and the all too famous Columbine High School.

After High School I enrolled and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services, also know as the “helping profession”.

Throughout College I primarily worked with non-profit organizations, such as the Denver Rescue Mission, Girls Incorporated, and the Colorado Aids Project Denver. Being around people who enjoy helping people is an experience I have always held in high value.

It wasn’t until after college that I answered an employment ad for an admissions coordinator with Saint Paul Health Center, starting my career in healthcare services, most specifically post hospitalization care. You see, St Paul was a skilled nursing facility, serving both patients and residents living in long-term care and short-term rehabilitation. This opportunity became the springboard for my journey within the healthcare field and a passion to serve seniors.

In little to no time at all, I developed an appreciation for life, the process and journey of aging, all the knowledge, experience and bravery that comes along with it.  Every interaction gave me space to learn, grow, and to expand my passion to work with others. Carrying a servant centered attitude and a passion to help others, kindness not only became a mission; it became my mood. I know that when I take action to improve the lives of others, my life is naturally improved.

Over the next several years, that spark and passion to serve others offered me many opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  I have held positions in long-term care, short term rehabilitation, home health, hospice, and now in senior living with assisted and memory care.

Today I live by some very simple principles, give rather than receive, treat others as you wish to be treated, cultivate an attitude of gratitude and be of service. I remain willing, open-minded, and teachable to new experiences.

In addition to the above, I am a mother (to one heck of an amazing 18yr old daughter), a dedicated volunteer (currently hold two service positions within the community), a certified yoga instructor, a lover of culture, arts, and music, a seeker of a higher power / purpose through spiritual work, an avid paddleboarder and lover of the great outdoors.

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Club 31 Welcomes New Members

Andy Contiguglia
Owner & Founder
Contiguglia Law Firm

Date Joined: 9/25/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Chris Marseilles

Introduced at our 11/3 Club Meeting

Andrew J. Contiguglia is a strategic business advisor, lawyer, and consultant to small and medium business owners, and influencers. As an attorney and consultant, he counsels and advises small and medium-sized businesses and influencers to help them adapt to a changing business environment, compete to gain legal advantages, and achieve success by providing original, success-focused strategies and legal know-how. As an advisor, he helps businesses scale through acquisition. Andy’s work with businesses has drawn the attention of many media and marketing outlets including, 5280 Magazine, Epoch Times, CBS News Denver, and Westword Denver. He is the owner of the Contiguglia Law Firm based in the historic Baker neighborhood in Denver, CO. His areas of expertise include business, business law, finance, strategic entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing online and offline, and scaling businesses through acquisition. Andy graduated from Overland High School in Aurora, CO, obtained his BA from Columbia University, in New York, and his JD from the University of Denver. He lives in Centennial with his wife Chantel, and two girls Gabrielle (8), and Brooklyn (6).


Joe DiMarino
Business Development Manager

Date Joined: 10/26/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Gary Stotler

Introduced at our 11/3 Club Meeting

Joe DiMarino is a new member of the Denver community coming from Philadelphia. He is extremely passionate about community service and giving back to others. Joe loves the community and sincerity of Denver Club 31 and cannot wait to help serve others. A recent Princeton graduate, Joe majored in the School of Public and International Affairs and minored in Entrepreneurship. He currently works for his uncle’s company, DocuVault, and has two e-commerce/web-based startups. Joe loves to Surf, Cook, Fish, Row, Cycle, Snowboard, and is a huge Philly sports fan.



Kyle White
Recent Law School Graduate

Date Joined: 10/26/22
Rotary Sponsor: Transferring Member/Melly Kinnard & Harriet Downer

Introduced at our 11/17 Club Meeting

Kyle grew up in the small town of Centralia, Washington before attending the University of Washington, where he majored in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology while taking a pre-medical course of study and throwing hammer for the Huskies Track & Field team. Upon receiving a B.S. degree in Biology, Kyle returned to his hometown and joined the local Rotary club as the founder of Suomi 3D Printing and Drone Photography, a small creative services company. After applying and getting accepted to medical school, he decided to switch career paths to law and chose to attend the USC Gould School of Law in Los Angeles. During the ensuing global pandemic, he met his girlfriend Rita Molem who began her medical school journey at CU Anschutz in 2020. Once Kyle graduated from law school, he chose to move to Denver to be closer to her, and decided to seek out Club 31 as a way to get involved in the community and find new and impactful service opportunities.

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Club & DRCF President Messages

Lisza Gulyas
President 2022-23
Rotary Club of Denver

Denver Rotary Club 31 Members,

On July 21, 2022, I shared the mission and goals for the year 2022-23 “If You Can Imagine, You Can Inspire”. Please allow me to share a brief overview.

After looking at several venues for our meetings and our last location had increased their fees to over 60%, one of the most recent ideal decisions was to move our meetings to the Denver Country Club. Thanks to our member Rob Clinton, we have a beautiful location, fabulous meals, parking is easy and included. The most important, we are in the community engaging Club 31 to what we do as the best Rotary Club to join.

Our main mission this year is engagement and community involvement.  Everything we do should involve positive engagement and fellowship with each other and within our community.

#1  Membership:
The goal this year is to increase our membership from 167 member to 200 members. It is vitally important to maintain membership of our Club at 200 + members. This will allow us to keep our “Rotary Large Club” status, plus we will have the financial means to maintain an administrative staff support that we need to keep our club proficient and professional

#2  Fundraising:
A Giving goal of $45,000.00 to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) with an additional $10,000.00 commitment to Polio Plus has been set.
Additionally, the Denver Rotary Club Foundation, annual fundraiser will take place in the autumn instead of the spring. Our club can ride the coattails on a well-known Colorado event, “The Century Ride”, branded as “Woohoomanity”, for Rotary to fundraise for their own club. By participating with a successful event, we are saving 20-30% of rental, catering and marketing fees associated with hosting a brand-new event.  The goal of raising $50,000.00 will allow us to not have a separate spring fundraiser.

#3  Staff Transition:
Due to the decline in our membership and dues our budget will no longer allow a full time Executive Directors salary or office rental expenses. Maintaining a membership of 200 members is vital. Nevertheless, our club will continue to have a professional support staff.

Since Lauren Mast will be leaving us as she transitions her duties to the Club 31 Directors this spring, our focus will be on the staff transition as well as the office space.  Please understand that the time dedicated for the staff transition will be primarily in the spring, which is another reason to ensure the fundraising for DRCF is successful this fall.

#4  Strategic Team:
Club 31 members were asked to take a short survey on what matters most to you within our Club, which was followed by a brainstorm and visioning session. We combined the data with the information that came out of the Strategic plan from 2020. A Strategic Team has been put to task to move our club into the direction from the data that has been identified. We are listening.

It has already been a momentous start to this year. I am inspired by so many of you who have engaged in the past few weeks, volunteering and creating fellowship weeks. To those of you who offer your talents to take charge in the success of our Club, thank you for being the best Rotary Club members!
You are inspiring, engaging and fun!

Please reach out to me at any time with questions or comments at or at 303-888-8516.



Mike MacPhail
President 2022-23
Denver Rotary Club Foundation

Dear Rotarians and DRCF members, donors and trustees:

Despite the current economic and transition challenges, I am pleased to report that the state of the Foundation is strong.   DRCF awarded $168,541 to our worthy grantees last year, and  it will continue to positively impact our local, national and international communities by making substantial awards this year.

I plan to continue three important initiatives that I view as crucial to the continued success of our Foundation.  First, DRCF will continue to invite a handful of grantees, focusing on new grantees, to present to Club membership during off-site fellowship meetings.  This will give our grantees greater exposure and provide members with valuable opportunities to engage in community service.   Second, I will continue supporting the terrific work of the Legacy Society, whose membership and promised donations have grown exponentially.  Third, I will support ongoing messaging to enable the Foundation to get closer to its goal of “Every Rotarian Every Year.”

We are stronger together!

I look forward to working with my outstanding executive team and trustees to have an exciting and rewarding 2022-23.

Club 31 Welcomes New Members

Pat Kendrick
Of Counsel – Patent Attorney
Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Date Joined: 7/1/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Transferring Member/Kris Hemenway

Pat was born and raised in South Florida with Ft. Lauderdale his primary stomping ground of youth.  He became a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech‐ earning a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, returning to Florida to start adulthood life as an Engineer for Florida Power & Light, Nuclear Division.  There, a good decade was had fishing, SCUBA diving, boating, and consuming conch fritters.  But the winds were beckoning “Go West, Young Man…” and it was in Portland, Oregon that he attended law school, earning a J.D., and more importantly, finding his life partner, Katie (who also earned a J.D.).  Since Pat was from Florida, and Katie from California, it only made sense that they should move to Minnesota to start their family and legal careers.  The winds, this time much colder, again beckoned for a westward migration, this time to Colorado.  Pat became in‐house patent counsel for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, and then later returned to private practice in Parker, where he was introduced to Rotary, and is now patent counsel for a Denver law firm.


Gary Stotler
Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
Braxton Michel Acquisitions

Date Joined: 6/21/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Chad Tyler

Gary recently returned to Denver after a two-year road trip touching nearly every state. He holds a degree focused on Psychology from the University of Wyoming, is a coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, offers D.I.S.C. personality assessments for individuals and organizations, and holds additional certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Behavioral Change Specialist and Personal Trainer.

Gary provides individualized strategies to maximize strengths, overcome challenges, and discover opportunities through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and corporate/executive retreats.

Gary started his personal growth journey with a borrowed book which led him to a wealth of success in business, fitness, and life. He has overcome the hardships of obesity with a walk around the block as an inactive 400-pound man progressively turning himself into an elite endurance athlete completing multiple 100 mile running and mountain bike events in the highest mountains of Leadville, Colorado.

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Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Hugh Hagihara
Tax Director
The Anschutz Corporation

Date Joined: 4/19/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Seth Patterson

Hugh Hagihara is a Colorado native who was born in Aurora and spent his formative years in Greeley.   Hugh is a proud graduate of CU Boulder where he received both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting.  After college Hugh had two different stints at Deloitte Tax LLP in Denver with a short stint as a high school math teacher sandwiched in between.   Hugh left Deloitte Tax LLP to join The Anschutz Corporation’s tax department and has enjoyed his 8+ years at the company.  Outside of work Hugh enjoys spending time with his young family.  Prior to starting a family Hugh enjoyed coaching and tutoring and is looking forward to volunteering in similar capacities through Rotary.



Sterling Miller
Business Development Manager
Frozen Fire

Date Joined: 5/17/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Chad Tyler

Sterling Miller is a young professional native to small town America. Content creation and sales guru with a focus on unique solutions and project management, Sterling moved to Denver just after turning 18 to double major in business and film production. During his time at school, Sterling developed a sense for brand marketing strategy while writing and producing short films that premiered in film festivals and on PBS.

Sterling immediately went to work after graduating to create commercial video content for high profile clients such as UC Health and started a successful wedding videography business. Years of trackable exceptionality led Sterling to join the Frozen Fire team where he works to create continued value for business owners.



Scott Weldon

Date Joined: 5/17/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Jim Johnston

Scott Weldon was born in 1963 in Pensacola FL at the Naval Airbase while his father was stationed there and grew up in Los Angeles where both of his parents had grown up. Scott went to USC and earned a BA in Communication and moved to Mammoth Lakes CA where he worked as a writer and editor of the local newspaper. In the mid-90s he began working in the natural products industry and moved to Boulder CO. When Scott’s employer was sold and relocated, he decided to stay in Colorado. To pursue an interest in finance, he returned to school and earned an MBA and MS in Finance. After some contract work in private equity and wealth management, he was hired by Xcel Energy where he worked in asset management for 10 years.

Scott met his wife in Denver, was married in 2008, and have four daughters. The youngest (twins) just turned 8 and he now finds himself with extra time that he lacked too many years.

Jim Johnston has invited him to some Rotary functions and encouraged Scott to join, and he thinks it would be beneficial to all to pursue that recommendation!

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2021-22 Rotarian of the Year

Seth Patterson ~ ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR 2021-22

This year. Club 31 is pleased to honor Seth Patterson as our Rotarian of the Year for 2021-22! 

According to several of his nominators…

“They are always working on Rotary and ways to improve what we are doing.  You can always rely on them to be at every meeting and contribute valuable insight to our work.”

 “They know almost everything about Club 31, what we have done in the past and what we have talked about doing.  In many ways, they have served as my Rotary mentor, someone I can lean on while navigating the Rotary ropes.”

 “They have done so much for Rotarians for Mental Health and even won an award for distributing cells phones to those in need during COVID, so they could continue their therapy sessions, uninterrupted…WOW!”

 “They embody service above self.  Very often I get late night Rotary emails from them, working for this Club into the wee hours!  And if you’ve ever seen their emails, these things take some serious time to put together! 😊

Seth’s MANY accomplishments over the last 17 years that covers all aspects of Rotary’s six avenues of service…

  • Member for more than 17 years
  • DRCF Gold Fellow
  • TRF Paul Harris Fellow +3
  • Leadership Positions Held: Past Club President, Club Director, and Executive Vice President
  • New Member Sponsor
  • Former New Rotarian of the Year
  • Serves as Past President on New Member/Past President Committee
  • Committee Involvement: Member Attraction, Member Engagement and R4MH
  • One of the 2022 Spring FUNraiser sponsors
  • Club Treasurer for 4 years and Co-Treasurer for 1 year
  • Co-Founder/Co-Chair of the Award-Winning District Rotarians for Mental Health Committee
  • Co-nominator for Dr. Doug Jackson’s prestigious Rotary International “Service Above Self” Award
  • Donated Real Estate Services for multiple moves/potential moves of the Rotary office

Seth enjoys being a Rotarian…engaging and selflessly giving with both his time and money and always sharing Rotary with others.  Club 31 is truly blessed to have him as a member of Denver Rotary. 


2021-22 NEW Rotarian of the Year

At our Thursday Rotary Club Celebration at the Denver Country Club on June 30, Club Rotarians came together for our annual Continuation of Leadership celebration with President Ian Campbell and to ring in the new year with incoming President Lisza Gulyas!  As has been our tradition, we honored our NEW Rotarians of the Year.  Congratulations and Thank YOU Denver Rotarian’s for your many accomplishments and hard work this past Rotary year!

Shannon Stone~ NEW ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR 2021-22

This year, Club 31 is pleased to honor Shannon Stone as our New Rotarian of the Year for 2021-22!

According to several of her nominators…

“Above all else, they have infused our Club with their enthusiasm and caring approach.  Their involvement is already deep – already serving on multiple committees.  They have certainly jumped in.”

“They jumped in from day one, volunteering, attending meetings and making friends.  Very impressive!”

“They are the most visible new member.   They attend most all meetings.  Their involvement in the Club has been remarkable!”

“They stepped up and stepped in on multiple committees and is an active, engaged, contributing member. They are constantly making wonderful suggestions, after they observed and learned the Rotary ropes.”

In just the past year, Shannon…

  • Became a DRCF Sustaining Member and a TRF Donor.
  • Has a 95% attendance rate between Club and committee meetings.
  • Club Committee Involvement Includes: Membership Engagement, Member Attraction, Peach Sale and World Community Service…just to name a few!
  • They are a “Master Networker”, always making a point to get to know fellow Rotarians and connect others in the Club.
  • They are all about gratitude and making sure everyone feels seen and welcomed.
  • Hosted an Alt Week Happy Hour meeting every month this last Rotary year and ALWAYS makes a point to reach out and personally invite new members to these social events.
  • Through Global MindED, has delivered and donated educational books to Rotary partners.
  • One of our top ten peach sellers, having sold a total of 18 boxes last year!
  • Along with AMG, they hosted a “Peaches and Prosecco” event for our Peach Sale, only one month after joining the Club, and are gearing up to host another one this year!
  • And get this…will be our Club Secretary in 2022-23!  “Her upcoming role as Secretary (plus Board and ExCom) will be awesome.”

After joining Rotary in May of 2021, Shannon has already shown a major commitment to our Club and to Rotary’s mission.  We are so fortunate to have such a committed and dedicated new Rotarian as a member of Club 31!  Congratulations Shannon!  Thank you for making Club 31 your new Rotary home!  We look forward to serving alongside you for many years to come!