Club & DRCF President Messages

Lisza Gulyas
President 2022-23
Rotary Club of Denver

Denver Rotary Club 31 Members,

On July 21, 2022, I shared the mission and goals for the year 2022-23 “If You Can Imagine, You Can Inspire”. Please allow me to share a brief overview.

After looking at several venues for our meetings and our last location had increased their fees to over 60%, one of the most recent ideal decisions was to move our meetings to the Denver Country Club. Thanks to our member Rob Clinton, we have a beautiful location, fabulous meals, parking is easy and included. The most important, we are in the community engaging Club 31 to what we do as the best Rotary Club to join.

Our main mission this year is engagement and community involvement.  Everything we do should involve positive engagement and fellowship with each other and within our community.

#1  Membership:
The goal this year is to increase our membership from 167 member to 200 members. It is vitally important to maintain membership of our Club at 200 + members. This will allow us to keep our “Rotary Large Club” status, plus we will have the financial means to maintain an administrative staff support that we need to keep our club proficient and professional

#2  Fundraising:
A Giving goal of $45,000.00 to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) with an additional $10,000.00 commitment to Polio Plus has been set.
Additionally, the Denver Rotary Club Foundation, annual fundraiser will take place in the autumn instead of the spring. Our club can ride the coattails on a well-known Colorado event, “The Century Ride”, branded as “Woohoomanity”, for Rotary to fundraise for their own club. By participating with a successful event, we are saving 20-30% of rental, catering and marketing fees associated with hosting a brand-new event.  The goal of raising $50,000.00 will allow us to not have a separate spring fundraiser.

#3  Staff Transition:
Due to the decline in our membership and dues our budget will no longer allow a full time Executive Directors salary or office rental expenses. Maintaining a membership of 200 members is vital. Nevertheless, our club will continue to have a professional support staff.

Since Lauren Mast will be leaving us as she transitions her duties to the Club 31 Directors this spring, our focus will be on the staff transition as well as the office space.  Please understand that the time dedicated for the staff transition will be primarily in the spring, which is another reason to ensure the fundraising for DRCF is successful this fall.

#4  Strategic Team:
Club 31 members were asked to take a short survey on what matters most to you within our Club, which was followed by a brainstorm and visioning session. We combined the data with the information that came out of the Strategic plan from 2020. A Strategic Team has been put to task to move our club into the direction from the data that has been identified. We are listening.

It has already been a momentous start to this year. I am inspired by so many of you who have engaged in the past few weeks, volunteering and creating fellowship weeks. To those of you who offer your talents to take charge in the success of our Club, thank you for being the best Rotary Club members!
You are inspiring, engaging and fun!

Please reach out to me at any time with questions or comments at or at 303-888-8516.



Mike MacPhail
President 2022-23
Denver Rotary Club Foundation

Dear Rotarians and DRCF members, donors and trustees:

Despite the current economic and transition challenges, I am pleased to report that the state of the Foundation is strong.   DRCF awarded $168,541 to our worthy grantees last year, and  it will continue to positively impact our local, national and international communities by making substantial awards this year.

I plan to continue three important initiatives that I view as crucial to the continued success of our Foundation.  First, DRCF will continue to invite a handful of grantees, focusing on new grantees, to present to Club membership during off-site fellowship meetings.  This will give our grantees greater exposure and provide members with valuable opportunities to engage in community service.   Second, I will continue supporting the terrific work of the Legacy Society, whose membership and promised donations have grown exponentially.  Third, I will support ongoing messaging to enable the Foundation to get closer to its goal of “Every Rotarian Every Year.”

We are stronger together!

I look forward to working with my outstanding executive team and trustees to have an exciting and rewarding 2022-23.

Club 31 Welcomes New Members

Pat Kendrick
Of Counsel – Patent Attorney
Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Date Joined: 7/1/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Transferring Member/Kris Hemenway

Pat was born and raised in South Florida with Ft. Lauderdale his primary stomping ground of youth.  He became a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech‐ earning a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, returning to Florida to start adulthood life as an Engineer for Florida Power & Light, Nuclear Division.  There, a good decade was had fishing, SCUBA diving, boating, and consuming conch fritters.  But the winds were beckoning “Go West, Young Man…” and it was in Portland, Oregon that he attended law school, earning a J.D., and more importantly, finding his life partner, Katie (who also earned a J.D.).  Since Pat was from Florida, and Katie from California, it only made sense that they should move to Minnesota to start their family and legal careers.  The winds, this time much colder, again beckoned for a westward migration, this time to Colorado.  Pat became in‐house patent counsel for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, and then later returned to private practice in Parker, where he was introduced to Rotary, and is now patent counsel for a Denver law firm.


Gary Stotler
Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
Braxton Michel Acquisitions

Date Joined: 6/21/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Chad Tyler

Gary recently returned to Denver after a two-year road trip touching nearly every state. He holds a degree focused on Psychology from the University of Wyoming, is a coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, offers D.I.S.C. personality assessments for individuals and organizations, and holds additional certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Behavioral Change Specialist and Personal Trainer.

Gary provides individualized strategies to maximize strengths, overcome challenges, and discover opportunities through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and corporate/executive retreats.

Gary started his personal growth journey with a borrowed book which led him to a wealth of success in business, fitness, and life. He has overcome the hardships of obesity with a walk around the block as an inactive 400-pound man progressively turning himself into an elite endurance athlete completing multiple 100 mile running and mountain bike events in the highest mountains of Leadville, Colorado.

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Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Hugh Hagihara
Tax Director
The Anschutz Corporation

Date Joined: 4/19/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Seth Patterson

Hugh Hagihara is a Colorado native who was born in Aurora and spent his formative years in Greeley.   Hugh is a proud graduate of CU Boulder where he received both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting.  After college Hugh had two different stints at Deloitte Tax LLP in Denver with a short stint as a high school math teacher sandwiched in between.   Hugh left Deloitte Tax LLP to join The Anschutz Corporation’s tax department and has enjoyed his 8+ years at the company.  Outside of work Hugh enjoys spending time with his young family.  Prior to starting a family Hugh enjoyed coaching and tutoring and is looking forward to volunteering in similar capacities through Rotary.



Sterling Miller
Business Development Manager
Frozen Fire

Date Joined: 5/17/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Chad Tyler

Sterling Miller is a young professional native to small town America. Content creation and sales guru with a focus on unique solutions and project management, Sterling moved to Denver just after turning 18 to double major in business and film production. During his time at school, Sterling developed a sense for brand marketing strategy while writing and producing short films that premiered in film festivals and on PBS.

Sterling immediately went to work after graduating to create commercial video content for high profile clients such as UC Health and started a successful wedding videography business. Years of trackable exceptionality led Sterling to join the Frozen Fire team where he works to create continued value for business owners.



Scott Weldon

Date Joined: 5/17/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Jim Johnston

Scott Weldon was born in 1963 in Pensacola FL at the Naval Airbase while his father was stationed there and grew up in Los Angeles where both of his parents had grown up. Scott went to USC and earned a BA in Communication and moved to Mammoth Lakes CA where he worked as a writer and editor of the local newspaper. In the mid-90s he began working in the natural products industry and moved to Boulder CO. When Scott’s employer was sold and relocated, he decided to stay in Colorado. To pursue an interest in finance, he returned to school and earned an MBA and MS in Finance. After some contract work in private equity and wealth management, he was hired by Xcel Energy where he worked in asset management for 10 years.

Scott met his wife in Denver, was married in 2008, and have four daughters. The youngest (twins) just turned 8 and he now finds himself with extra time that he lacked too many years.

Jim Johnston has invited him to some Rotary functions and encouraged Scott to join, and he thinks it would be beneficial to all to pursue that recommendation!

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2021-22 Rotarian of the Year

Seth Patterson ~ ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR 2021-22

This year. Club 31 is pleased to honor Seth Patterson as our Rotarian of the Year for 2021-22! 

According to several of his nominators…

“They are always working on Rotary and ways to improve what we are doing.  You can always rely on them to be at every meeting and contribute valuable insight to our work.”

 “They know almost everything about Club 31, what we have done in the past and what we have talked about doing.  In many ways, they have served as my Rotary mentor, someone I can lean on while navigating the Rotary ropes.”

 “They have done so much for Rotarians for Mental Health and even won an award for distributing cells phones to those in need during COVID, so they could continue their therapy sessions, uninterrupted…WOW!”

 “They embody service above self.  Very often I get late night Rotary emails from them, working for this Club into the wee hours!  And if you’ve ever seen their emails, these things take some serious time to put together! 😊

Seth’s MANY accomplishments over the last 17 years that covers all aspects of Rotary’s six avenues of service…

  • Member for more than 17 years
  • DRCF Gold Fellow
  • TRF Paul Harris Fellow +3
  • Leadership Positions Held: Past Club President, Club Director, and Executive Vice President
  • New Member Sponsor
  • Former New Rotarian of the Year
  • Serves as Past President on New Member/Past President Committee
  • Committee Involvement: Member Attraction, Member Engagement and R4MH
  • One of the 2022 Spring FUNraiser sponsors
  • Club Treasurer for 4 years and Co-Treasurer for 1 year
  • Co-Founder/Co-Chair of the Award-Winning District Rotarians for Mental Health Committee
  • Co-nominator for Dr. Doug Jackson’s prestigious Rotary International “Service Above Self” Award
  • Donated Real Estate Services for multiple moves/potential moves of the Rotary office

Seth enjoys being a Rotarian…engaging and selflessly giving with both his time and money and always sharing Rotary with others.  Club 31 is truly blessed to have him as a member of Denver Rotary. 


2021-22 NEW Rotarian of the Year

At our Thursday Rotary Club Celebration at the Denver Country Club on June 30, Club Rotarians came together for our annual Continuation of Leadership celebration with President Ian Campbell and to ring in the new year with incoming President Lisza Gulyas!  As has been our tradition, we honored our NEW Rotarians of the Year.  Congratulations and Thank YOU Denver Rotarian’s for your many accomplishments and hard work this past Rotary year!

Shannon Stone~ NEW ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR 2021-22

This year, Club 31 is pleased to honor Shannon Stone as our New Rotarian of the Year for 2021-22!

According to several of her nominators…

“Above all else, they have infused our Club with their enthusiasm and caring approach.  Their involvement is already deep – already serving on multiple committees.  They have certainly jumped in.”

“They jumped in from day one, volunteering, attending meetings and making friends.  Very impressive!”

“They are the most visible new member.   They attend most all meetings.  Their involvement in the Club has been remarkable!”

“They stepped up and stepped in on multiple committees and is an active, engaged, contributing member. They are constantly making wonderful suggestions, after they observed and learned the Rotary ropes.”

In just the past year, Shannon…

  • Became a DRCF Sustaining Member and a TRF Donor.
  • Has a 95% attendance rate between Club and committee meetings.
  • Club Committee Involvement Includes: Membership Engagement, Member Attraction, Peach Sale and World Community Service…just to name a few!
  • They are a “Master Networker”, always making a point to get to know fellow Rotarians and connect others in the Club.
  • They are all about gratitude and making sure everyone feels seen and welcomed.
  • Hosted an Alt Week Happy Hour meeting every month this last Rotary year and ALWAYS makes a point to reach out and personally invite new members to these social events.
  • Through Global MindED, has delivered and donated educational books to Rotary partners.
  • One of our top ten peach sellers, having sold a total of 18 boxes last year!
  • Along with AMG, they hosted a “Peaches and Prosecco” event for our Peach Sale, only one month after joining the Club, and are gearing up to host another one this year!
  • And get this…will be our Club Secretary in 2022-23!  “Her upcoming role as Secretary (plus Board and ExCom) will be awesome.”

After joining Rotary in May of 2021, Shannon has already shown a major commitment to our Club and to Rotary’s mission.  We are so fortunate to have such a committed and dedicated new Rotarian as a member of Club 31!  Congratulations Shannon!  Thank you for making Club 31 your new Rotary home!  We look forward to serving alongside you for many years to come!

Memorial Resolution

John C. Stewart
January 6, 1947 – September 18, 2021
Denver Rotary Club 31 Member – 22 years
“Law – Probate”

Compiled and read by Steve Mast, May 19, 2022

Good afternoon family members of John Stewart, fellow Rotarians and guests.  We pause today to present this Memorial Resolution in memory and celebration of the life of our good friend and fellow Rotarian, John Stewart.

Let me first recognize the family members of John’s who have joined us today: John’s wife, Carol and his daughter, Emilie and his cousin Rick Hughes.  Thank you all for being here today.  It is very heartwarming that Emilie is being introduced today as a new member of John’s Rotary Club!  I know that John is watching and is very proud of you Emilie!

A native of Lincoln, Illinois, John received his Bachelor’s Degree in History and his Law Degree from the University of Illinois.  John started his legal career in Chicago, but after only a few years heard Colorado calling and made the move to Denver in the energy boom times of the ‘80’s.  His first job here was with a mining company, where John developed a deep interest in mining history.  As a matter of fact, John was our program speaker in 2011 and his topic was “A History of Mining in Colorado” based on his book “Thomas F. Walsh, Progressive Businessman and Mining Tycoon”.  While still practicing law, John decided to add a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Are you beginning to see John’s love for history?

When not engaged in either the law or writing, John spent as much time as possible with his wife Carol and their daughter Emilie and volunteering with a variety of organizations including his church, Four Mile House, Iliff Care Center and Boy Scouts.  John met his wife Carol on a bicycle trip with the Colorado Mountain Club.  They were married in 1983 and were joined by Emilie in 1985.  Carol is a native of Fort Collins.

When John joined Denver Rotary in 1999 he was sponsored by Jim Wilkins.  John was previously a Rotarian in Illinois as was his father.  The interests that John listed on his application were typical things like…golfing, skiing and long distance biking and anything to do with history of course.  But he listed one which in the 22 years that I knew John we never talked about…chainsaw woodcarving – bears and other animals!

John attended EVERY Rotary event and supported the Club in anything we did.  He had 14 years of perfect attendance.  John was an advocate of both our foundations as a DRCF Legacy Society Member, DRCF Silver Fellow, a TRF Paul Harris Fellow +2 and a long-time member of The Rotary Foundation Support Committee.  John was recently elected to serve a six year term on the DRCF Board of Trustees.  John saw the good work these two foundations can come together to do, and as such he served for many years and worked on many projects with our World Community Service Committee.  In 2011-12, John was awarded the World Community Service “Greatest Impact Award”.

I had the good fortune of knowing John through his 22 years as a Denver Rotarian.  As any of you who knew John would agree, he was an incredibly nice person…someone who was easy and enjoyable to talk with.  And if you wanted to extend the conversation, all you had to do was ask him anything about Colorado history – and he always had the answer!  John was invaluable to the Rotary office when he spent countless hours culling through Rotary history when we moved the

We will miss you but always remember you John!

This Resolution was accepted by a standing vote of the members of The Rotary Club of Denver and others at the Denver Country Club on May 19, 2022.

Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Emilie Stewart
Principle Operations Spec/Major
LinQuest Corp./US Air Force Reserves

Date Joined: 4/19/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Charlie Miller & Daughter of John Stewart

Emilie Stewart is a Denver native and is excited to be back in her home neighborhood of Park Hill with her daughter, Madeleine, and dog, Kepler. As a defense contractor, she advises the strategy and planning of United States Space Command. Additionally, she currently serves the Air Force Reserve as a Flight Commander for the 38th Intelligence Squadron at Beale Air Force Base, CA where she leads a team of signals intelligence analysts. In her career as an Air Force Intelligence Officer, she has previously held assignments in Qatar, across the Colorado Front Range, and New Mexico. In her free time, Emilie loves spending time outside, enjoying all Colorado has to offer as well as reading, bowling, bar trivia, and cheering on the Rockies with Maddy!

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Congratulations Doug Jackson! RI “Service Above Self” Award

Press Release
Dr. Douglas Jackson Awarded the 2021 Rotary International Service Above Self Award
Jackson one of only 150 recipients of the international award given this year

(Pictured L to R: Bryan Cooke, Past DG; DG Ray Anderson, President Ian Campbell, Past President Doug Jackson)

CENTENNIAL, Colo., May 20, 2022 — Project C.U.R.E., Rotary International District 5450 and the Rotary Club of Denver announced that Dr. Douglas Jackson has been awarded the Rotary International Service Above Self Award for 2021. Jackson was recognized on Thursday, May 19, at Denver Rotary’s regular luncheon meeting held at the Denver Country Club.

The Service Above Self Award is considered the highest honor that Rotary International can bestow on a member. It recognizes only up to 150 outstanding Rotarians and Rotaractors each year whose service activities make a positive impact on humanity.

Project C.U.R.E., based in Centennial, CO, is the world’s largest supplier of donated medical supplies and equipment to resource-limited countries.  Each week it delivers approximately three to five semitruck-sized ocean containers packed with the medical equipment and supplies desperately needed to save lives in hospitals and clinics in resource-limited countries.  Through Rotary, Jackson has stewarded projects providing over $20 million of medical equipment and supplies to over 30 countries in six continents, including 270 grants from over 100 Rotary clubs, including a $150,000 grant from his home Denver Rotary Club that provided medical supplies and equipment to six pediatric hospitals in Mexico.

“Each year, thousands of the 1.4 million Rotarians from 46,000 clubs worldwide are nominated for this prestigious award,” said Ray Anderson, current District 5450 Governor, who nominated Jackson with encouragement from Past District Governor and Greeley Evening Rotary member, Bryan Cooke.  Ian Campbell, current President of the Rotary Club of Denver, added. “Clearly, this is indeed an extremely high honor for Doug, and one that is extremely well deserved.”  Seth Patterson, Centennial Year President of Denver Rotary, who also served Doug as Treasurer, noted “This award is normally granted to Rotarians who have been involved in extensive Rotary project work.  Fortunately, this year Rotary saw fit to honor someone whose community service included extensive independent work.”

Prior to joining Project C.U.R.E., Jackson taught at the university level in the disciplines of finance, investments, leadership development, law, and international affairs. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer at universities, conferences such as TEDx, and civic, corporate, and community organizations.  He serves on the Board of Directors for InterAction, the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, World Denver, The Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law at the University of Denver, the World Trade Center Denver, and the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professionals at Regis University.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, magna cum laude, from Northwest Nazarene University, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and econometrics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

(Pictured L to R: Jim & Anna Marie Jackson, Founders of Project CURE, DG Ray Anderson,
Past RI President John Germ)

About Rotary International, Rotary District 5450 and the Rotary Club of DenverAbout Project C.U.R.E.
Project C.U.R.E. was founded in 1987 to address the staggering shortage of medical resources around the world. Since its humble beginnings in a garage in Colorado, Project C.U.R.E. has become the world’s largest distributor of donated medical supplies, equipment and services to doctors and nurses serving the sick and dying in more than 135 countries. Each week Project C.U.R.E. delivers approximately three to five semitruck-sized ocean containers packed with the medical equipment and supplies desperately needed to save lives in hospitals and clinics in resource-limited countries. Project C.U.R.E. is supported by over 30,000 volunteers annually and operates distribution warehouses in seven U.S. cities. In addition to its global work, Project C.U.R.E. pivoted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support the need for PPE and medical equipment in the U.S. [Since March 2020, Project C.U.R.E. provided more than 15 semitruck loads of domestic medical aid, which equates to 4.5+ million pieces and nearly $5 million of PPE for healthcare workers and first responders.] For more information, visit:

Rotary International is a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  For over 110 years, Rotary’s people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.  Rotary District 5450 includes 68 clubs and thousands of members in the metro Denver area and some surrounding communities. For more information, visit: and

Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Bob Bidwell
Founder & Chairman of the Board
ROLINC Staffing

Date Joined: 2/15/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Shannon Stone

In 1971, Bob graduated with a BS degree and a USAF commission at Kansas State University. He served the next eight years as a maintenance officer supervising several missile and aircraft armament activities, conducting test and evaluation of ordinance and later teaching at Lowry AFB. Following military service, he spent 13 years with the computer industry in sales and management for companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Honeywell. In 1993, he founded Resumes: On-Line, a service providing computer sorted resumes. This line of business ultimately failed because of national competition so he shifted business focus to temporary and direct hire staffing and enjoyed a 28-year career building one of Colorado’s largest private staffing companies. ROLINC Staffing has four offices and 15 recruiters serving the manufacturing, construction, distribution and communication industries. In 2021 he sold the business, but assuming the role of Chairman.

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Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Jana Milosevic
Ratings Operation Specialist
S&P Global

Date Joined: 2/15/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Mike Dineen

Jana Milosevic is a graduate of the University of Kragujevac with a major in accounting and business finance. She recently moved from Serbia to Denver, Colorado, and is currently employed by S&P Global as a Ratings Operations Specialist. Jana became a member of Rotaract Club Kragujevac in 2017. She held several roles within her club, including treasurer, secretary, and vice president. In addition, she was involved in the Sunce, a nonprofit organization that carried multiple projects focused on refugees, local senior citizens, and the youth. Throughout her engagements with Rotary, nonprofit, and student organizations, she developed a deeper understanding of how important it is to be involved and help her community and the people around her. Some of her hobbies are traveling, food, art, and history. One of her favorite quotes is Socrates’ quote: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

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