2022-23 Rotarian of the Year

At our June 29, 2023, Rotary Club Celebration at the Denver Country Club on June 29, Club Rotarian came together for our annual Continuation of Leadership celebration with President Lisza Gulyas and to ring in the new year with incoming President Mark Wipper!  As has been our tradition, we honored our Rotarian of the Year and NEW Rotarian of the Year.  Congratulations and Thank YOU Denver Rotarian’s for your many accomplishments and hard work this past Rotary year!

2022-2023 Rotarian of the Year

Debbie Beasley

This year, Club 31 is pleased to honor Debbie Beasely as our Rotarian of the Year for 2022-23!

According to the many nominators,

“She demonstrates understanding of the needs of people in under resourced communities and passionately advocates for assistance to such areas.”

“She is a tremendous role model to all Rotarians, but particularly in the area of women in finance.”

 “She must be a glutton for punishment, but I think she’s actually just a Rotarian’s Rotarian, because she cannot let any project fall through the cracks for our Club and shoulders SO MANY responsibilities.”

 “She technically never ‘retired’, but rather quit working for Wells Fargo the same year she became President and started working for Rotary full time…for free!  She is a true inspiration.”

“She is one of the most humble people I know, never asking for praise, even though she deserves more than we could ever give her.”

Debby’s MANY accomplishments over the last 8 years that covers all aspects of Rotary’s six avenues of service…

  • Member for more than 8 years
  • DRCF Gold Fellow
  • TRF Paul Harris Fellow +8
  • Leadership Positions Held: Past Club President, Club Secretary & Club Director
  • New Member Sponsor
  • Former New Rotarian of the Year
  • Committee Involvement: Peach Sale, Membership Team, TRF Support, Rotary Book Club, Fellowship Host, Fundraising Support…just to name a few
  • Chaired Positions: New Member Orientation, TRF Support Chair for more than 6 years & Strategic Planning
  • In 2019-2020, served on our Strategic Planning committee and worked to help change our Club’s mission and our Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Supports every fundraiser and has even hosted a pizza and wine night at their home for a fundraising auction item
  • Co-hosted and planned the most recent Rotarians for Peace workshop.
  • Only held 2 in-person meetings the entire year of their presidency during Covid and did it without one complaint!
  • Currently serves as our Assistant Governor for Area One, a three-year commitment.


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