Every Rotary Club is based on a foundation of service. For more than a century, the Rotary Club of Denver has made an impact in Denver by providing much needed financial and/or volunteer support to outside organizations, as well as our own club programs and projects. Through our Service Team committees, the club provides members with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Below is a list of organizations and programs we are proud to support and serve.


Co-founded by Rotary Club of Denver in 1946, Denver Kids, Inc. (DKI) provides educational counseling and mentoring to K-12 students in Denver Public School (DPS). Each child receives support and guidance to best promote individual academic success. The program strives to help each student achieve his or her potential by offering encouragement and addressing the factors that promote healthy social, physical, and mental development.

Volunteer opportunities include DKI’s One-on-One Mentoring Program. Volunteers must make a minimum commitment of one year and two in-person visits per month with the student and have at least monthly contact with DKI’s educational counselor.


Each year, Rotary Club of Denver members serve as cashiers at the 9Health Fair held in April. The largest volunteer-driven non-profit health and education program in the nation, the 9Health Fair provides Colorado residents with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. The 9Health Fair provides life-saving early detection and prevention services to help individuals stay healthy.

COMMUNITY RESOURCES, Inc.  (Youth Mentoring)

Community Resources Inc. (CRI) serve the students, families, and staff of Denver Public Schools. They utilize the talents of community members to increase students’ knowledge, to strengthen partnerships among schools, families and businesses, and to provide opportunities for students to learn outside the school environment.

The Denver Rotary Club Foundation’s annual grant specifically funds their Academic Mentors Program, a program that matches high achieving at-risk students in grades 4 - 8 with Rotarians and other community volunteers for short-term academic/career experiences. Club 31 members engage as student mentors and may also serve in other volunteer roles within the organization, such as classroom speakers, family night readers and science fair judges.


Since 2005, Rotary Club of Denver has maintained an ongoing partnership with the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS), a unique Denver public school focused on international and intercultural affairs. We provide financial and human resources to DCIS, with the objective of improving student performance through its Interact Club, JA Team Teach Program, Rotary Youth Exchange, and student mentoring, scholarship and leadership opportunities.

The DCIS Interact Club is a Rotary-sponsored service club for students ages 14-18. Students implement at least two service projects yearly; one that serves the school or the community, and another that furthers international understanding. Students often form a service partnership with Rotarians, lending their enthusiastic support to a variety of Rotary projects.


Members of Club 31 team up with students from the DCIS Interact Club to help K-12 students learn about money management and business ownership. Club 31 members choose to get involved with JA Finance Park or JA in a Day at Fairmont Elementary in Denver. JA Finance Park allows Rotarians to help DCIS students work through a hands-on financial literacy simulation. At the beginning of this experience, students receive a life situation (family, job, salary and education). They are challenged to assume adult responsibilities and create a budget that reflects their needs and wants. 

For JA in a Day at Fairmont Elementary, a group of 15 Rotarians partner with DCIS Interact Club students to implement JA programs at Fairmont Elementary School. JA programs are hands-on, interactive, and teach students to be financially literate, work ready and entrepreneurial.


Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. Club 31 Rotarians, our families and friends, meet at Project C.U.R.E.’s headquarters/warehouse on the 1st Monday of each month to sort and pack donated medical supplies for shipment to developing countries around the world.


The Rotary College Counseling Initiative supports Denver Rotary’s mission by providing counseling and identifying financial resources for students with financial need and above-average grade point averages who are pursuing college education.

Club members work to secure funding to pay professional counselors to work with students involved with Denver Kids, Inc., the Rotary High School Scholarship Program and the Denver Center for International Studies.


Rotary’s High School Scholarship & Achievement Awards (HSSAA) program provides an excellent opportunity to interface with outstanding high school students. Through this initiative, the Denver Rotary Club Foundation provides grants annually to more than 30 economically disadvantaged Denver high school juniors and seniors. The objective of the grant is to provide financial assistance, as well as mentorship and emotional support to the recipients through regular contact with Rotary members.

Rotary participants meet their scholarship recipients monthly for at least one hour to provide guidance as well as to deliver the scholarship check. Often this interaction develops into a mentoring relationship that lasts for years after the student graduates from high school.


As part of Rotary Club of Denver’s Service Team, a subgroup works to promote the club’s participation in many educational and fellowship opportunities offered through our District and funded by Rotary Global Grants of The Rotary Foundation. These programs include Ambassadorial Scholarships, Peace and Conflict Studies Programs and the Temple Buell Scholarship.


R4MH is a multi-club effort serving the Colorado Front Range, with more than 30 local clubs at various stages of involvement.  R4MH is also a participant in the newly formed international Rotary Action Group for Mental Health. The R4MH mission is to build stronger communities through involvement and education in order to raise awareness, foster compassion and develop broad-based support for those affected by mental health and substance use disorders.


Opening our hearts and homes, Club 31 members help interview and select students from Denver public and private schools to travel abroad. Volunteers also help find host families for international students staying in Denver and organize/sponsor activities with the students. The Rotary Youth Exchange allows members to be ambassadors to the world, sharing experiences and introducing young people from different countries to the American culture.

The Denver Rotary Club Foundation provides funding annually to offset expenses for international students and their host families, and to provide needed assistance to students traveling abroad. 


RYLA is a life-changing leadership training program that teaches junior and senior high school students leadership skills in an atmosphere of trust and respect. The purpose of RYLA is to encourage and assist current and potential youth leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership. 

Club 31 members help select students to attend the Young and Senior RYLA camps. Volunteers also provide transportation to and from the camps each summer. 


The Colorado Art Education Association and the Rotary Club of Denver work together to present the Scholastic Art Awards Colorado, part of the National Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards Program. The program gives talented students an opportunity to exhibit their work, be judged against their Colorado peers and to compete against peers on a national level.

Club 31 members help secure funds for the project, expand participation of schools and Rotary Clubs statewide, and help hang and judge the annual exhibition.