Club 31 Welcomes New Members

Bart Allen
Associate Broker
Tributary Real Estate​​​​​​​

Date Joined: 12/14/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Shannon Stone

Bart Boranian Allen was born and raised in Fresno, CA and went out to the desert to attend the University of Arizona. After understanding his passion for real estate during his time in Arizona, Bart earned his master’s degree in Real Estate and The Built Environment from the University of Denver.

With a passion for philanthropy and community building, Bart is a board member for the Society of Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenians. He also serves as a buddy mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2019 and is on the membership committee for Mile High Young Professionals. Bart’s mother has been a part of rotary for 25+ years and he is very excited to continue his mother’s legacy!

In his spare time, Bart enjoys traveling, water skiing, and scuba diving.



Ryan Fila
Heart Led Media

Date Joined: 12/14/22
Rotary Sponsor: Melly Kinnard
& Harriet Downer

Ryan is a photographer/videographer by trade and storyteller by passion. He loves galivanting the globe – experiencing the spectrum of life! Ryan’s documented Paris Fashion Week, war in Ukraine, and earthquakes in Haiti – but he’s also found joy in the safaris in Kenya and community in the Peruvian Andes.  His desire to explore is almost insatiable, but Denver is his grounding place. Ryan was born in Littleton, and much of his family still lives in this state.  Since Colorado has become as much of home as he’s ever known Ryan’s chosen to set up a media company focused on event photo/video & social media management.

Lover. Athlete. Confused. Mornings. Decaf. Average. Brother. Dynamic. Doer. Present. Imperfect. Creator. Process. Vegetarian. Living.

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