DacDB Member Portal

Every Rotary Club 31 member has access to our DacDB portal where you can find important club information, member directory, and important club files. Click here to go to DacDB.

Member Feedback and Suggestions

Are you a member with feedback and suggestions about the club? Click here to visit a Google Form where you can provide your insights to Leadership. Together, we can all create the Club we want!

Member Fellowship Submissions

Have a Fellowship opportunity you want to share with the club? Click here to find the Google Form you can submit your Fellowship idea to Leadership.

Newsletter Communications

Have a Rotary communication you want to include in the club Newsletter? Click here to find the Google Form you can use to have your communication sent out to the group!


Accessing Club Files on DacDB

Need to access important club information? Click here and follow the steps on the document to learn how to access the club files stored on DacDB.