Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Bob Bidwell
Founder & Chairman of the Board
ROLINC Staffing

Date Joined: 2/15/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Shannon Stone

In 1971, Bob graduated with a BS degree and a USAF commission at Kansas State University. He served the next eight years as a maintenance officer supervising several missile and aircraft armament activities, conducting test and evaluation of ordinance and later teaching at Lowry AFB. Following military service, he spent 13 years with the computer industry in sales and management for companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Honeywell. In 1993, he founded Resumes: On-Line, a service providing computer sorted resumes. This line of business ultimately failed because of national competition so he shifted business focus to temporary and direct hire staffing and enjoyed a 28-year career building one of Colorado’s largest private staffing companies. ROLINC Staffing has four offices and 15 recruiters serving the manufacturing, construction, distribution and communication industries. In 2021 he sold the business, but assuming the role of Chairman.

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Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Jana Milosevic
Ratings Operation Specialist
S&P Global

Date Joined: 2/15/2022
Rotary Sponsor: Mike Dineen

Jana Milosevic is a graduate of the University of Kragujevac with a major in accounting and business finance. She recently moved from Serbia to Denver, Colorado, and is currently employed by S&P Global as a Ratings Operations Specialist. Jana became a member of Rotaract Club Kragujevac in 2017. She held several roles within her club, including treasurer, secretary, and vice president. In addition, she was involved in the Sunce, a nonprofit organization that carried multiple projects focused on refugees, local senior citizens, and the youth. Throughout her engagements with Rotary, nonprofit, and student organizations, she developed a deeper understanding of how important it is to be involved and help her community and the people around her. Some of her hobbies are traveling, food, art, and history. One of her favorite quotes is Socrates’ quote: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

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DRCF President Mid-Year Report

The Denver Rotary Club Foundation has had a busy and productive first-half of the fiscal year 2022-2023.   Some of the principal activities and results of the foundations efforts include the following.

  1. A major initiative of DRCF this year has been undertaken to better acquaint our Club 31 members with the beneficiaries of our foundation’s grants program.  The impact of our Club 31 members’ generosity to organizations throughout our community is deep and widespread and profound;  to many, the foundation’s gifts to the community are the soul and substance of Rotary’s place in the greater Denver community.

    Through check presentations and lunch programs the following grantees have explained or graphically demonstrated – showcased – to our Club 31 members what they do in the Denver community and how they do it;  how DRCF helps youth, educational programs, the homeless, the hungry and unemployed, and those otherwise underserved members in the greater Denver area…and across the world:  The St. Francis Center, We The People, Denver Kids, EarthLinks, Club 31’s World Community Service Committee (Rwanda, Agriculture Program and the Kenya, Youth Reproductive and Health Training initiative) Junior Achievement, and Education Through Music.

    Special thanks and appreciation go to Bill Imig, Mark Donovan, John Finegan, Patrick Byrne, Les Volpe, Jay Kamlet  and, of course, Lauren Mast, among others, who have managed the showcase programs for these organizations.

  2. Colorado Gives Day, under the remarkably energetic leadership of Mark Donovan, and with the invaluable generosity of Club 31 members, the Foundation collected more than the year before, $8,200.00, and from a greater number of donors than 2020 (two) for its funding – and continuing to build its charitable trust program.
  3. The Annual DRCF/Club 31 Peach Sale, under the guidance of Kevin Shelledy, and again with the invaluable generosity of Club 31 members, was a great success garnering for the foundation a net contribution to its funding the amount of over $24,000.
  4. Our DRCF charitable trust fund managed by TIAA and our own Foundation Treasurer, Sandy Purcell, has done well during uncertain times and somewhat better than many other market averages as the stock market has gone thru challenging times and stress in the investment markets. As of yesterday close the portfolio stood at $4,002,540.71. That is down 6% (S&P500 is down 10%) from where we started the year, and includes the debit of $70K we took out at the end of January to replenish our reserves at Wells Fargo. The one-two punch of inflation, and the situation in Ukraine are taking a toll on financial assets everywhere, and our portfolio is of course, not immune. Sandy remains confident in our asset mix, and the stewardship of TIAA, and hopeful that as the year unfolds, we will improve on this.
  5. The DRCF Grants Committee, under the very able leadership and guidance of its Co-Chairs, Jack Green and Mike MacPhail, is now beginning its work to solicit, receive, evaluate and verify, and decide on grant applications from well over a dozen applicants, a process that is expected to conclude most of its work by the end of March, 2022. The Committee is seeking to identify and solicit new worthy and qualified 501(c) (3) organizations  to be beneficiaries of our granting program in addition to the regular and demonstrably successful organizations we have funded in the past.
  6. Due to tragic weather related events, like tornados in the Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas area of the country, and in our own backyard, with the Marshall Fire in the Boulder County, Superior and Louisville area, DRCF has taken extraordinary steps to grant $5,000 for tornado victims relief programs in the impacted area of the Midwest, and collected over $16,000 for distribution to some of the over 1,000 families who have lost their homes, or often lost everything, in the catastrophic fires just several weeks ago.   The process of distributing those funds is ongoing, as we speak.

    Again, appreciation  to the Executive Committees of Club 31 and the Foundation, and Lauren, are in order for this work.

  7. The DRCF leadership is working to improve the relationship and working arrangement between Club 31 and the DRCF. We wish to increase the cooperation and communication between the two organizations – to build a better and stronger partnership – and to enhance the role and stature of DRCF –  and elevate the role and benefits of Club 31’s signature outreach to this community and preeminent accomplishment in Colorado: the Denver Rotary Club Foundation.

Yours in Rotary,
Sid Brooks
DRCF President, 2021-22

Memorial Resolution

Edwin S. Small
October 30, 1919 – January 20, 2022
Denver Rotary Club 31 Member – 48 years
 “Paper – Corrugated Shipping Containers”

Compiled and read by Steve Mast, February 24, 2022

Today we have the opportunity to celebrate the life of one of our friends and fellow Rotarians – Ed Small.

Ed died peacefully on January 20 of this year in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Ed’s son Stephen told me that he got pneumonia symptoms and died three days later…at the age of 102 years and 85 days!  As I told Stephen, where do I sign up – live a rich & active 102 years and peacefully pass away three days after getting sick!

Ed was a true Denver Native.  He graduated from South High School.  Next he graduated from Dartmouth College, then from Tuck School of Business, then went into the Navy.  He rose to the rank of Lt Commander serving in WW II and the Korean war.  Ed commanded a submarine chaser and an oil refueling tanker during the wars.

I knew Ed as a fellow Rotarian for my 40 years of his 48 years as a member of Club 31.  As any of you who knew Ed can relate to, whenever I saw Ed at a meeting I would make sure that I said “hi”.  He had an infectious smile and always had some fun activity to report on.  He was an avid skier and skied until he was 87 years old.  He loved to ride his horse “Rusty”.  He also enjoyed hiking, hunting and golf.  He stopped driving at the age of 99!  I remember one time that I saw him at the Rotary office – when he was pretty close to being 99.  I walked him down to his car and watched as he skillfully maneuvered his car out of the parking lot.  It’s my understanding that he was a pretty good driver up until he gave it up.  But I still found myself looking up to the heavens as he drove off, for a little help getting him home safely!

Many of you may remember on Ed’s 100th birthday, we took a group picture at one of our meetings and signed a card for Ed.  Darlene and Lauren and I took the picture, card and some birthday cake over to Ed.  He could not have been more excited – we spent almost two hours talking with him.  It gave all three of us a rich understanding of what the “Family of Rotary” really means!

Ed enjoyed a successful business career.  He joined the Remington Arms plant after graduating from Tuck.  Following the wars, he worked for the Frink Cramer Creamery, then for the Inland Paper Company and finally retired from Packaging Corporation of America.

Ed was always generous with his time and money.  He was a Denver Rotary Club Foundation Gold Fellow and The Rotary Foundation PHF+4.  He was very active with Denver Kids and was awarded their “Rotarian of the Year” in 2004.  Ed was also involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Denver where he served on their Board and as their Treasurer.

When Ed was introduced as a new Denver Rotary Club member 48 years ago, his Sponsor said, and I quote, “All, I believe, will agree that no matter on what level they had contact with Ed, they have found him to be a great person to know, a person of high integrity and a hard worker in many areas – he is one of the good ones!”, end quote.  I couldn’t agree more – Ed was one of the “Good Guys” and will be missed!

This Resolution was accepted by a standing vote of the members of The Rotary Club of Denver and others at the Warwick on February 24, 2022.

Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Mary-Frances Makichen
Makichen Consulting LLC

Date Joined: 8/25/2021
Rotary Sponsor: Kris Hemenway & Melly Kinnard

Mary-Frances Makichen is a Colorado transplant who has lived in every state on the west coast. Her professional background is in marketing and public relations but she’s recently transitioned to consulting work. Mary-Frances developed a passion for helping people navigate times of change after going through a series of changes herself, including the passing of her late husband, Walter. She thoroughly enjoys using her intuitive and emotional intelligence to help people learn to trust themselves and connect with their own inner guidance.

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2021 Peach Sale Report


“This was the smoothest pick-up process I’ve ever experienced!”

“This peach sale was so organized this year!”

“How many volunteers do you have?  There are so many Rotarians here this year!”


When you receive notes like these repeatedly from your fellow Rotarians you know SOMETHING must have gone right!  And indeed, it did.  So MANY things went right for the peach sale that it will be difficult to describe it all but here goes…

Sales this year were the highest they’ve been since the Peach Sale began.  Through everyone’s immense efforts we sold 1,540 total boxes with a record setting Gross Sales figure of $74,566 making the total Net Proceeds $12,054, split 50/50 between your (Local) Denver Rotary Club Foundation and The Rotary (International) Foundation!

There was so much creativity and experimentation this year and you can see it paid off.  Partnering with the Junior League of Denver not only fostered an even stronger relationship with this organization, but they are credited with driving over $2,000 in gross sales through their efforts.  Brad Be Jammin’s Jam’s brought in an additional $4,963.  And then of course the phenomenal sales from our members, friends, email acquaintances, the list goes on!  You all took the call to act and sell this year and each box you bought or sold pushed us to this incredible accomplishment!

It’s also extremely important to note those Rotarians who exceeded the call of duty and made it to the Top 10 Best Sellers of the year, lead of course by our crowned Peach King, Chuck Everill who sold a total of 104 boxes bringing in a gross revenue of $4,210!  But Chuck, don’t rest on your laurels.  These 9 colleagues will be nipping at your heels this next year and a special shout out must go to Shannon Stone and Rotarian Earl Wright for hosting the Peaches and Prosecco event at AMG, bringing in nearly $2,400 in gross sales.  Shannon was a new member for a short three-months prior to offering this exciting opportunity to the Club!  The Peach Sale Rookie of the Year Award absolutely belongs to you Shannon!

Everill Chuck 104 PEACH KING!
Guice Bryan 55  
Harris Dale 44  
Wilkins Jim 42  
Shelledy Kevin 34  
Kinnard Melly 29   |
Tied for 6th place
Mast Lauren
White Jim
Kane Don 28  
Ellison Harry 22  
Stone Shannon 18  
Scott Virgil 17

Lastly, this successful event as we all know doesn’t just happen.  It takes a tremendous amount of work, planning, testing, arguing, agreeing, arguing again 😊 and agreeing even more.  Your peach committee team and the tremendously supportive, patient and selflessly giving band of volunteers knocked it out of the park this year and when you see them, they deserve your handshake and probably a cocktail!  Here’s just a sample of what each brought to the Committee this year.

  • Bryan Guice: Coordinated all communication and delivery of the peaches from the orchard to your car, and he drove the forklift to prove it!
  • Harriet Downer: Completely owned the entire peach jam experience, not to mention her tremendous efforts training and running our volunteer crew!
  • Jill Santuccio: Lead communication, wrangled our corporate accounts, through sheer guts and perseverance managed the entire delivery service! What didn’t you do, Jill?
  • Debbie Wilkins: Joined the committee half-way through the year and strolled in like a champ! Debbie personally arranged our entire Volunteer crew and they’ve never been more organized and ready!
  • Kevin Shelledy, Chair: He’s really good at starting a Zoom call, so the incredible Committee can get to work! CLEARLY, our leader and peach champion, a top ten seller, the one who brought everything together to make this the most successful peach sale to date!

Please be sure to thank all these incredible volunteers for the work they did in loading your cars, tracking the purchases, guiding traffic, and all around being so pleasant and helpful!  And thanks to all of you who bought a box! Can’t wait for Peach Sale 2022!

Volunteers: Sandy Adams, Debbie Beasley, Dave Benson, Sid Brooks, Raúl Chávez Fields, Alison Clark-Hardesty, David Dickmann, Mark Donovan, Past District Governor Bill Downes, Harry Ellison, Lisza Gulyas, Kris Hemenway, Jean Herman, Matt Isola, Jagdish Jaganath, Jim Johnston, Maeve Johnston, Peg Johnston, Don Kane, Frank Lawrence, Lasa Ledua, Thomas Longino, Mary-Frances Makichen, Jeff Mason, Anne McGihon, Sandy Purcell, Marilyn Renninger, Elizabeth Ritter-Seawalt, R.J. Ross, Rich Spong, Brian Sweet, Alexis Sweet, Pete Wall, Debbie Wilkins, Keat Wilkins and Mark Wipper.

Photos curtesy of Rotarian Dave Benson of Dave Benson Photography: 


Memorial Resolution

Francisco D. Sabichi
December 14, 1927 – June 28, 2021
Denver Rotary Club 31 Member – 39 years
“Hospitals & Geriatrics”

Compiled and read by Jim Wilkins, October 21, 2021

Fellow Rotarians and guests, we pause today in memory of our friend and fellow Denver Rotarian Francisco David Sabichi, who passed away peacefully on June 28, 2021.  He was 93 – a full life with his physician wife Lynn that was jam packed with a focus on improving health care and living conditions in Nepal.  Here in Colorado, he loved music and the arts, hiking and always working to improve health care.

Francisco was a hospital administrator.  After attending Pomona College and the University of Colorado, he graduated with a BA from Denver University.  He later earned a MBA in Hospital Administration from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.  He held Executive positions at Children’s Hospital here in Denver, the Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs, Beth Israel Hospital in Denver and he was President of Health High, Inc. in Denver.  His wife Lynn was an MD and was always working with Francisco on his Rotary projects.  They summited all 54 of our 14,000’ peaks here in Colorado while maintaining an active lifestyle.  Francisco served in the U.S. Navy as a medic in WWII in his early years.

Let me give you some of the highlights of his Rotary history.  Francisco did everything in Rotary with his wife Lynn.  They were energetic and focused Rotarians – Francisco for 39 years and Lynn for 16 years.  They are what you would describe as a “Rotary Power Couple” and a marriage that thrived for 62 years!

They spearheaded and were awarded one of the very first 3H Grants (health, hunger humanity) in The Rotary Foundation’s history for drastic improvement of sanitation and construction of permanent housing for the 200-bed government hospital and its staff in Biratnagar, Nepal.  This $325,000 grant was increased by Denver Rotary’s $25,000 gift and other Rotary Club’s contributions in our District 5450.  This 3H project corrected crowded and unhealthy conditions for the medical staff and their families.  Francisco coordinated the shipping of containers full of used and new medical equipment to the hospital.  A brick two-story building with sanitary water and sewer was built.  The Rotary Club of Biratnagar oversaw the projects and Francisco and Lynn would go over for months at a time volunteering and living in third world conditions.

Here are some of the Rotary awards Francisco and Lynn received: 

  • World Community Services “Continuing Service Award” (2006-07)
  • Denver Kids “Rotarians of the Year” (2002-03)
  • Rotary Club of Denver “Rotarians of the Year” (2001-02)
  • District 5450 Award for “Service Above Self” (1997)
  • District 5450 “Four Way Test Award’ (1995-06)
  • Major Donors of the Rotary Foundation
  • The Rotary Foundation Fellow
  • Denver Rotary Club Foundation Fellow
  • Honorary Members of the Rotary Club of Biratnagar
  • Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Denver (2015)

After Lynn died in 2013, Francisco moved to Clermont Parks Retirement Community here in Denver and became an integral part of that community.  He served on the Spiritual Affairs Committee, the Finance Committee, Scholarships Committee benefiting its dedicated Clermont employees, and attended Willshire Presbyterian Church nearby.  Wherever Francisco went in his life, he made things better.

Francisco is remembered for his positive attitude, a smile and “two thumbs up”.  What a fabulous Rotarian and friend.  We are proud of you Francisco.

This Resolution was accepted by a standing vote of the members of The Rotary Club of Denver and others at the Warwick Hotel on October 21, 2021.

Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Chris Marseilles
Real Estate Broker
PorchLight RE Group

Date Joined: 9/21/2021
Rotary Sponsor: Transferring Rotarian & Kris Hemenway

As a child, Chris’ family lived in Killington, VT and later Pinehurst, NC. He returned to Vermont to attend Middlebury College, where he received a B.A. in History.

After college, Chris moved to San Francisco, where he held various positions in the real estate industry and skied in Lake Tahoe at every opportunity. In 1998 he earned an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco.

Later that year, Chris moved to Boston and spent seven years with General Investment & Development as an Operations Analyst and Communications Coordinator.

In 2007, he left GID to work as an independent real estate broker and investor, acquiring, renovating and managing residential properties.

In 2020, Chris moved to Denver and joined PorchLight Real Estate Group as a residential broker. He enjoys living in downtown Denver, traveling, skiing, golfing and experiencing all sorts of visual and performing arts.

During his career, Chris has devoted significant time to nonprofit board service, helping arts organizations achieve sustainability through strong management practices, strategic planning and fostering partnerships throughout their communities.

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Concert for a Cause – Education Through Music (DRCF Grantee)

Education Through Music Colorado was provided a$7,000 grant from our Denver Rotary Club Foundation from the 2020-21 “New Projects” grant.  

Happy October! I’d like to extend an invitation to a very exciting event taking place in just a few weeks to celebrate Education Through Music-Colorado. ETM-CO is a growing nonprofit that partners with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children, and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve overall achievement, motivation for school, and self-confidence.

Despite the many challenges that COVID-19 has posed, ETM-CO has doubled in size each year and now partners with 8 Title I schools in Denver providing music education for nearly 2,500 students.

On October 23rd, ETM-CO will be hosting an evening of live music, food, drinks, and more to showcase and celebrate their growing programming!

The event will showcase performances by The Reminders, a rare and remarkable duo with undeniable magical chemistry, The Dana Landry Collective ft. Kim Dawson, a finalist from The Sing Off and NBC’s a cappella competition, as well as a performance by our very own ETM-CO students!

I hope that you will support this incredible program that I truly believe in. I’ve been fortunate to witness the impact of this programming and ETM-CO is doing important work to break down barriers and ensure that music education is equitable and accessible.

If you’re interested in attending, I’ve listed the Eventbrite page below where you can purchase tickets. Let me know if I or the ETM-CO team can answer any questions for you as you consider. Hope to see you there!

Mallory Bernstein
Executive Director


Club 31 Welcomes New Member

Lasa Ledua
Vice President of Technology
Warwick Hotels & Resorts

Date Joined: 9/21/2021
Rotary Sponsor:
John Finegan

DYNAMIC AND RESOURCEFUL IT leader known for leading teams, driving projects, and delivering on key deadlines. Loyal, enthusiastic decision-maker who is tenacious, determined, and motivated. Dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions that resolve challenges. Committed to mentor and develop teams to exceed expectations. Rapid and sustainable user growth is my true passion. Getting life-changing experience on the use of technology to the hands of millions of people is my calling. Empowering a team provides me with enormous gratification.

  • Leadership ● Vendor Management ● Budgeting ● Training ● Team Management ● Strategic Direction ● Performance Management ● Enterprise Resource Planning ● Security Oversight

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