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Good News from Club Board Director Alison Oyler-Mitsch…

As you know, Alison has had more than her share of travails over the last two years. She successfully started her new company pre-Covid but then the storm winds came: a severe decline in business with Covid, a breast cancer diagnosis, an older woman hitting the gas unintentionally and smashing into her business, and her exhaustion from radiation therapy.

Alison submitted her resignation under the crush and financial duress. When her resignation came before the Board, the response was immediate. The Board offered to pay her dues using our Angel Fund if that would affect her resignation. It did, and she withdrew her resignation with gratitude for the dues relief and the large outpouring of affection from the club.

A reminder to everyone: Our Angel Fund is designed to help members when they are under financial duress by paying their membership dues..

And the news is getting better! Here are her words today:

Good News! First of all I want to thank everyone for your support, kind wishes and caring during the past few months! They have been some of the hardest months of my life but coming into the studio and just getting all of the support made it some of the best few months of my life! I am truly blessed to have so many friends around me! Thank You!

I am done with my radiation treatments! I have some more healing to do but I am through the toughest part! This past week I got to “Ring the Bell” (it was actually a gong) but it was such a great feeling!

It had just been 13 months since my last mammogram when they found the 13 mm invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer, so I ask you to keep up on your yearly screenings! I know a lot of you have made your appointment since hearing my news and it makes me so happy! Early detection is key!

Now a plug to Club 31 members for Alison’s business: Please join Alison and her team for a special St. Patrick’s Day event dancing to a fusion of Zumba, Nia & world dance set to Celtic & River Dance music on Thursday, March 16 from 4:15 – 5:15 pm. Open to all ages and abilities. Come Shake your Shamrocks! Plus enjoy a Free Healthy Green Smoothie afterwards! Don’t forget to wear green! Here is a link to register for the class:

Alison Oyler-Mitsch, Owner
Refresh Studios, 950 Jersey St, Denver, CO 80220-4596

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