2022 Peach Sale Report

Each and every year brings new experiences and new challenges to our very special Rotary Peach Sale.  I’ve heard tales of drilling open locked delivery trucks.  I’ve personally witnessed dozens of cars piling up nearly to Colorado Boulevard full of anxious Peach aficionados.  We’ve run a little short some years, and absolutely run a little long, but NEVER and I mean NEVER have we ALL had to come together like we did on August 13, 2022!

I was tremendously proud to be a part of this year’s event and to see this Club persevere with smiles, hugs, slaps on sore backs when not only did our forklift seize up on us, but the pallet mover responsible for bringing pallets from the back of the semi-trailer to the front also collapsed.  Your AMAZING peach volunteers said, “Let’s Do This!” and hopped into the trailer and like sandbags for a flooding river, they formed chains and passed over 1,400 boxes of peaches one by one to outstretched arms waiting to re-stack them only to then be placed gingerly into the back of everyone’s cars without them ever knowing.  It was a monumental task with the pouring sweat, grunts, sighs, and aches being drowned out by cheering, singing, laughing and an occasional panic filled shout from yours truly! 😊  The Club came together like I’ve never had the privilege of seeing before.  It was inspiring and a true testament to the character exhibited by this amazing group of people!

Now that the dust has settled and an occasional spilled peach has been collected, dusted off and sent to an awaiting pie pan, it’s time to celebrate the numbers and people responsible for such an incredible event.


Total Number of Peaches Sold:  1,630 Boxes
Total Number of Jams Sold: 116 Set
Grand Total Net Funds Raised:  $28,217  The second record breaking year in a row!
These funds will be split evenly to your Denver Rotary Club Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.


Your top Sellers this year were as follows:

  1. Chuck Everill: 129
    An absolutely astounding feet making him our reining Peach King for the Second Year in a row!
  2. Bryan Guice: 76
  3. Melly Kinnard: 43
  4. Kevin Shelledy: 41
  5. Jim Wilkins: 34
  6. Harry Ellison: 31
  7. Don Kane: 28
  8. Virgil Scott: 24
  9. Charlie Miller: 22
  10. (Tie) Alison Oyler-Mitsch & Jim White: 19 boxes each

To all of you who purchased peaches and helped sell peaches to friends and family, a sincere and heartfelt thank you from the Peach Committee.  To Shannon Stone and Earl Wright who once again hosted an incredible Peaches and Prosecco evening at the AMG Event Space we also thank you!  To Melly Kinnard for her amazing efforts connecting the Junior League to Rotary, another Thank You!  And to the dedicated Peach Committee who worked on this event ALL YEAR LONG, your efforts are appreciated, your work ethic was exemplary and your commitment to this Club and this event were lovely, generous, hilarious and genuine.  I loved being on this committee with you, learning from you and succeeding as we all did.

I would like to end this little blurb with a challenge to all Club 31 members.  It’s time for new blood on the Peach Committee.  It’s time for you all to take this event to a new level.  This cannot begin in 2023.  It needs to start now!  Grab your fellow colleagues brimming with ideas, wishes and aspirations and start planning 2023’s Peach Sale.  August will be here before you know it and we look to the next generation to take the event even further than we have in 2022.

One final word of advice however…I’d highly recommend two forklifts.  Just in case!

Your Peachy Chair,
Kevin Shelledy
Peach Sale Chair 2022-23

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