What Members Say

Finding My Passion in Rotary

imageI joined Rotary in 1993 for networking. But I have stayed because of my Rotary family, a group of wonderful, caring, ethical, service-involved Rotarians who I have met in my club, our District 5450, and at Rotary international conferences. As a Rotarian you may visit any of the 34,000 clubs in the world, meet the leaders in their community and learn what service projects they are involved in. When I travel internationally, I always check to see what clubs are in the area to visit and have met Rotarians from Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, and Puerto Vallarta.

The Educational Value of My Membership

imageI joined Rotary Club 31 in 2006 and didn’t realize the educational value my membership would provide. I was completely unaware of the tremendous information I would learn about Denver, and the world, through the high caliber speakers who make presentations during our weekly lunch meetings.

What Rotary Has Meant in My Life

Grant Wilkins talks about what Rotary has meant in his life and how he has made an impact in the world in terms of his work to end polio, helping to start Artists of America, starting health fairs in Russia and other efforts with the Rotary Club of Denver.

Denver Rotary member since 1969.




Enjoying fellowship on Clear Creek

The social committee recently organized a trip to the Golden Lyons Park for a tubing adventure down Clear Creek and a good ol’ fashion BBQ. Headed up by Mark Casper and Debby Kaufman, the outing was a great success with attendance of close to 20 Rotarians and guests! There were a lot of laughs and good spirits shared. However, most of the attendees found the water to be a little too chilly for tubing that day. A few attempted the tube but none made the whole float. Those brave Rotarians deserve a round of applause for their efforts!

Power of Rotary Networking

Carter Sales, a member of the Rotary Club of Denver since 2011, shares one of his favorite networking stories with club members at a weekly meeting.

Denver Rotary member since 2011.






An opportunity for service

One of the key reasons I love Rotary is the opportunity for Service. I have been very lucky in this life——-blessed in so many ways. I feel a strong moral obligation to give back both with my time and my treasury. The most satisfying Rotary community service work for me is the one-on-one coaching of at-risk, high-potential Rotary UMB Scholars who are looking toward college.