The mission of the Denver Rotary Club Foundation is to jointly participate with the Denver Rotary Club and make a positive impact in our community through the grants we make each year.  Our grants are made possible by your generous contributions to your Denver Rotary Club Foundation.  We emphasize our commitment to the importance and value of youth and education.  Over the past 50 years, the Denver Rotary Club Foundation has granted over $8 Million to our local and international communities.

Application for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year (July-June), will open January 2023. 


Qualifications: Grant requests must be in alignment with the mission of the Foundation, as well as financially assist Denver Rotarians in their respective philanthropic endeavors. Youth and education programs are the major focus of the Foundation.  Any non-Denver Rotary organization must have a 501(c)3 designation, or be another Rotary Club or a Rotary district. Substantial active involvement of Denver Rotarians is considered mandatory for non-Denver Rotary organizations, including one or more of the following:  1) Board participation, 2) Fundraising, and 3) Direct Program Involvement.  If your organization does not currently have active Rotarian involvement, exceptions to this policy will be considered if there is a demonstrated potential for active Rotarian involvement in the future.  (Please see the 2021-2022 DRCF GRANT CYCLE UPDATE below.)  The Foundation also encourages matching fund projects involving Rotary International, other Rotary Clubs and Districts. Below are links to our Foundation’s current Grant Application and Granting Guidelines.

Application Process: All grant requests must be submitted to the Denver Rotary Club Foundation office at 1385 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite A-304, Denver, CO 80222. The Executive Director/COO screens each request for appropriateness, then forwards the request to the Denver Rotary Club Foundation Grants Committee. This Committee provides oversight and/or participation in the program.

Grants Cycle: The granting cycle typically begins in January with grants awarded around April for the next fiscal year (July-June).  Grant checks are dispersed no earlier than July 2022, dependent on the nature of the grant/project.


To facilitate new grantees to apply, the Grants Committee recently met and made recommendations to the DRCF Trustees.  Collectively we are offering guidance to our existing and new grantees for the upcoming granting cycle to include:

  • Approving appropriate exceptions to our granting policy.
  • Our focus is still primarily youth and education with added consideration of additional areas of service particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when the needs for food, housing and support services are so great.
  • If there is not current active Rotarian involvement, does the grantee demonstrate a potential of Rotarian involvement in the near future?
  • Many organizations already use the Colorado Common Grant Application. We will accept that application plus an addendum specific to the DRCF in addition, our DRCF Grant Application will be accepted.

This is an effort to consider exceptions to our current Policy not wholesale changes in this cycle.