What’s the scoop?
We are an active subgroup of Denver Rotary Club 31.

What do we stand for?
All Rotary ideals, with a bit less formality, an emphasis on service, and on direct support of local and international projects. Beer helps.

When do we meet?
First and third Wednesdays at the Irish Snug, 1201 East Colfax (though sometimes we organize meetings offsite, so check the web calendar).

What are the meetings like?
It varies, but they’re always congenial! Once a month is a moderated discussion on an important topic or issue facing our city, our state, our country, our planet. Other meetings might include more fellowship, a bit more service, or discussions of upcoming activities. Again, keep your eye on the calendar.

What do we support?
In addition to supporting the far-reaching and significant activities of Denver Club 31, we also raise funds amongst ourselves to support small local and international projects, engage in service (for example, we adopted a stretch of the Cherry Creek bike path and spend a morning a quarter cleaning up the area), and organize quarterly Trivia Nights at a local watering hole.

Are you really part of Denver Club 31? Don’t those folks meet for lunch?
Yes, WE do meet for lunch. And for happy hours, too! Members of the evening gathering are full members of Denver Club 31, and all Denver Club 31 members are invited to participate in the evening meetings. While we offer an alternative meeting time and structure, we fully support and participate in Club activities.

Who is invited?
• Anyone who supports the ideals of Rotary.
• Anyone who might be considering joining Denver Club 31, the oldest and largest Rotary Club in Colorado.
• Anyone for whom the lunch format just doesn’t fit with the work schedule.
• Anyone who loves our community and wants to make it a better place.
• Anyone who likes to meet other interesting, engaging people.
• Anyone who likes happy hour!