The Rotary Club of Denver is one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the world and was chartered by Rotary International on December 9, 1911, as the world’s 31st Rotary club, hence the nickname “Club 31.” Today, there are over 32,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, in 200 countries and geographical regions, with over 1.2 million members. Our club was incorporated in the state of Colorado on January 16, 1930.  On December 9, 2011, the Rotary Club of Denver celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Our History

They were ordinary businessmen, a typewriter salesman, a curio shop owner, an architect, an attorney, a business school secretary and a hotel manager. In 1911, they banded together to form the nucleus of a club, the likes of which Denver had never seen. An offshoot of the Rotary Club of Chicago, founded by Paul Harris in 1905, Denver Rotary distinguished itself from other clubs by committing to the following goals: to nourish business friendship and collaboration, to promote ethical business practices, to serve the community…and to have a fun in the process.

Denver Rotarians would become the “movers and shakers,” of their time, important players in every major undertaking from Mayor Robert Speer’s City Beautiful to the creation of the Auraria Higher Education Center in the 1970s. Although Denver Rotary officially refrained from involvement in politics, club contacts undoubtedly led to significant alliances and crucial decisions, the results of which still reverberate today. Key to Denver’s evolution, they would create a legacy in which club members can take pride.

In modern times, Denver Rotary has spread its wings, with global projects ranging from the eradication of polio to international health fairs and clean water. Applauded worldwide for pioneering work with young people and far-reaching international efforts, today’s organization has stayed true to its purpose.

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Our Board

The Club’s Board of Directors consists of twelve elected Directors: four of whom shall be elected each year by the membership of the Club.  All directors serve three-year terms.  In addition, during their terms, the following officers are ex-officio members with voting privileges: President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.


Kristi Shaffer
HarrisRich 2016 Purcell.Sandy PennyMaryNEW2016 van Hall Andre 2015
Rich Harris
President Elect
Sandy Purcell
Mary Penny
Andre van Hall
Immediate Past President
MontgomeryMark JohnstonJim Lewis Don 2015 McLemore Doug 2015
Mark Montgomery
Vice President
Jim Johnston
Vice President
Don Lewis
Vice President
Doug McLemore
Vice President
Meetings & Events

Board of Directors

Term ending
June 30, 2017:
Mark Donovan
Rich Harris (PE)
Valerie Hopkins
Jim Johnston (VP)
Term ending
June 30, 2018:
Debbie Demuth
Warren Donder
Mary Penny (S)
Chris Peters
Term ending
June 30, 2019:
Chase Collard
Debbie Beasley
El Berger
Paul Jones