“A Year in Review”

President Pam Adams

Wow! How time flies!

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I was writing an article for the Keyway talking about what’s to come for the 2018-2019 Rotary year, and the Presidential theme: “Be the Inspiration”.  As I look back on the year, there are so many things to be inspired by!  Many of those come in relation to “firsts” for our Club.

On the Communications front, the first…

  • Live Facebook streaming of our meetings occurred
  • Committee videos were produced
  • Keyway was distributed completely online
  • YouTube Channel creation occurred
  • Facebook advertising of our Peach Sale took place
  • Soon to be DACdb tutorials distributed

In the Fundraising arena, the first…

  • UnGala was successfully “attended”
  • March Madness contest was a “win” for DRCF
  • Turn Up the B*Heat Summer Auction benefiting DRCF & Denver Kids!

Soon to come is the DRCF 50th Anniversary Celebration!

We were fortunate to celebrate and recognize 15 new members, many of whom got involved from their very first day of membership to start to make an impact in our Club and the community.

Our Meetings and Events Team kept our programs relevant and informative, including a marijuana/cannabis focused meeting series with a dispensary tour.  Our Service Team worked to encourage collaboration among committees, along with the Membership and Communications teams.

I can’t express enough my sincere thanks to each and every member of Club 31, for the privilege to serve as your president, and to work with many of you in a leadership capacity. 

When anyone asks me, “Why Rotary?”  I answer, “The People”.   It’s the diversity of the people serving the organization and the community.  The different interests and backgrounds we bring together.  The ability to respect our various contributions.  The chance to share our talents to complement and collaborate with each other!

Thank you, Club 31!


Pam Adams
President 2018-19
Rotary Club of Denver

P.S.  If anyone wants the “not so statistically significant” results that I shared on the “What’s the scoop?” favorite ice cream flavor survey that I shared at the Change of Leadership Celebration on June 20th, just let me know.

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