2021-22 NEW Rotarian of the Year

At our Thursday Rotary Club Celebration at the Denver Country Club on June 30, Club Rotarians came together for our annual Continuation of Leadership celebration with President Ian Campbell and to ring in the new year with incoming President Lisza Gulyas!  As has been our tradition, we honored our NEW Rotarians of the Year.  Congratulations and Thank YOU Denver Rotarian’s for your many accomplishments and hard work this past Rotary year!

Shannon Stone~ NEW ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR 2021-22

This year, Club 31 is pleased to honor Shannon Stone as our New Rotarian of the Year for 2021-22!

According to several of her nominators…

“Above all else, they have infused our Club with their enthusiasm and caring approach.  Their involvement is already deep – already serving on multiple committees.  They have certainly jumped in.”

“They jumped in from day one, volunteering, attending meetings and making friends.  Very impressive!”

“They are the most visible new member.   They attend most all meetings.  Their involvement in the Club has been remarkable!”

“They stepped up and stepped in on multiple committees and is an active, engaged, contributing member. They are constantly making wonderful suggestions, after they observed and learned the Rotary ropes.”

In just the past year, Shannon…

  • Became a DRCF Sustaining Member and a TRF Donor.
  • Has a 95% attendance rate between Club and committee meetings.
  • Club Committee Involvement Includes: Membership Engagement, Member Attraction, Peach Sale and World Community Service…just to name a few!
  • They are a “Master Networker”, always making a point to get to know fellow Rotarians and connect others in the Club.
  • They are all about gratitude and making sure everyone feels seen and welcomed.
  • Hosted an Alt Week Happy Hour meeting every month this last Rotary year and ALWAYS makes a point to reach out and personally invite new members to these social events.
  • Through Global MindED, has delivered and donated educational books to Rotary partners.
  • One of our top ten peach sellers, having sold a total of 18 boxes last year!
  • Along with AMG, they hosted a “Peaches and Prosecco” event for our Peach Sale, only one month after joining the Club, and are gearing up to host another one this year!
  • And get this…will be our Club Secretary in 2022-23!  “Her upcoming role as Secretary (plus Board and ExCom) will be awesome.”

After joining Rotary in May of 2021, Shannon has already shown a major commitment to our Club and to Rotary’s mission.  We are so fortunate to have such a committed and dedicated new Rotarian as a member of Club 31!  Congratulations Shannon!  Thank you for making Club 31 your new Rotary home!  We look forward to serving alongside you for many years to come!

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